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Submitted English Work

Submitted by Bhuvanesh Tomar

I wait for her, since eternity,
to give me back my lost identity,
The time I have spent, alone in this world,
let loose like an insane bull, in this untrustworthy world.

The feeling of despair which haunts me, draining from me my blood and dignity
The truth which I seek outside, which I cannot keep up with inside,
The love which I give away freely, and yet cannot find for me easily
I question the need for you, and learn it hard that I am dead without you.
How long should I wait to start this life, half of it I have already lost in strife
To make some use of my mind and soul, I want you now to reach my goal.
The child in me who does not grow, and the man in me which I want to know,
I pray for your arrival, in my abject survival
To give a new breath in me, so I can feel at home within me,
To illuminate my lonely journey, I long for your cherished company,
My heart finally learns the solution, that only in you can I find ablution
my efforts which have gone in vain, now I want them to attain
the eternal purpose of life, I wish dearly for you my would be wife.


Submitted by
Nicole Patterson

Anger, frustration, hatred I feel toward you
the pain you caused, the blood you drew
waitin up at night for you to come home
while you were round the corner gettin stoned
you had 2 kids to take care of
but all you cared about was that lil bit of
that rock, that dub, which made me get rid of
the ending to the strife and the beginning of my life

Submitted by Rajesh Gunesh

Oh Tears, hold your tempest
Within my eyeshores
For your waves may betray me
In front of my Beloved.

Submitted by Roxanne Ralphson

You haven't heard my darkest thought
You haven't seen me in my darkest hour 
Talking to you does nothing for me
I don't feel the pain of my past
All I feel is the pain of the razor
I want to stop but you offer no words of advice
Your more interested in the rest of my life

Look into my eyes
They hold no secrets or lies
Look deep inside
You will see my cries

There's a monster inside
I try to run and hide
But there's no escape
Please help me before it's to late
Hold out your hand
Tell me why I should carry on

Submitted by Vinay Kumar

Once was I, like an aimless ship;
Wandering upon the vast blue sea.
Then came my way this interesting flip,
That claimed to know how I'm supposed to be.
I changed my course,
And went behind.
It was a radiant force
That is one of a kind.
I discovered hitherto unknown things,
Interesting and truthful.
With it came some mood swings,
Sometimes serious but mostly playful.

In this journey of self-discovery,
I gained many a wonderful experience,
From my problems I got recovery
And added to my life many worthwhile ingredients.
Should I follow it forever?
Or should I be alone?
I had to be clever,
So I shifted to my safe zone.
I'm a man with a mind,
That keeps constantly changing.
As life begun to unwind,
I wanted to see something encouraging.

The path is completely divine,
It calls for unconditional sacrifice.
With this swaying nature of mine,
It becomes difficult to finalize.
Pursuing one's passions,
Will multiply his happiness.
Living life in this fashion,
Can make one forget his loneliness.
That's just what I did,
Returned to my old ways.
I opened my heart's lid,
Letting in the sun's new rays!

Submitted by Bhuvanesh Tomar

It has been a while, that I saw a smile,
on the creatures around me, weary due to winter's treachery,
buds anxious to blossom, kids eager to kill boredom,
the birds welcome for the spring, the Sun's noble radiant offering,
the chatter around the corners, the mothers' preaching their daughters,
the early morning games, the hurried reluctant tames,
leaves ready for flourishing, the trees giving us a blessing,
students ready for adventures, teachers wishing early departures,
the dogs anxious to mate, the lovers ready to celebrate,
the winds give a sweet chanting, the river forms a new offspring,
the fruits ripe with enigmatic fragrance, the forests opening their conscience,
the sky enjoys the beauty of earth, the earth amazed at the stars' mirth,
the night shrinks from the day's zeal, the day amplifies on the night's veil,
the streets blush with the sudden rush, the markets full with goods' plush,
the spirits high with the rise of day, the farmers making more of hay,
girls wish as they go for a swing, what if every season is a spring.

 Submitted by Kevat Patel

Mom and Dad, the sacrifices they’ve made,
Their support, advice and unconditional love,
Are just a few things that will never fade,

A great feeling it is, to have such parents,
Worked three jobs just to gather a few extra cents,
They fulfilled all of my needs and desires,
After I succeed, they will surely retire,

I dearly love my mom and dad,
They gave me the gift of life,
Always protected me from any strife,
As my angels, they have been,
Preaching daily, still, to never sin,
Shielding me from harm, always showing me the greener turf
My mom and dad, are my Angels on Earth

Amazing angels they truly are,
How proud I am, that they came this far,
Successful, in their own right,
Laboring 80 hours a week with all their might,
Never a burden, did they allow me to bear,
Making all of my dreams into a profound reality,
From a nice car to the Burberry clothes that I wear,

I dearly love my mom and dad,
They gave me the gift of life,
Always protected me from any strife,
As my angels, they have been,
Preaching daily, still, to never sin,
Shielding me from harm, always showing me the greener turf
My mom and dad, are my Angels on Earth

As they live the American dream,
Surviving all the hard work and endless nights,
Has yielded immeasurable fruition, it would seem,
So generous in mind, body and heart,
I knew I was a lucky child from the start,

Wish them a life of luxury and happiness for eternity,
They deserve it all and I will give it to them,
My love and respect, for them, exceeds even infinity,
To them, for as long as I live, I owe  everything, 
God sent me two angels, blessed I am, indeed,
To keep them happy, is my duty, my deed
I dearly love my mom and dad,
They gave me the gift of life,
Always protected me from any strife,
As my angels, they have been,
Preaching daily, still, to never sin,
Shielding me from harm, always showing me the greener turf
My mom and dad, are undeniably, my Angels on Earth!


 Submitted by Debraliz Rodriguez

Your voice still echoes in my head
the words you spoke will never leave
it stills haunts me

I wish you never told me those words
for I never could understand
the words I love you


 Submitted by Stephanie Rankin

Caught like light,
I am wondering.
Fixated on a flicker,
A fire,
A spiraling-away of sky.

Am I outside, or am I in?
The light still oozes out of walls,
Alike that of a saturated sponge,
And covers the room in darkened spits
Of sprawling lies.
And here was I,

oblivious me, in this obvious place.
Some thing in-between
A side and a ceiling,
Captured, exposed,
Trawling in its trail
from the days before.

Begging for a symptom of the sun,
The night is an unbathed, spoilt child.
Take up your place
In your high-chair,
And digest all that Mother
Spoons you.

Eat-up, eat-up
And morning comes.


Submitted by

You are...
The air I breathe,
The tune that makes my strings seethe,
The passion and desire that tease me apart,
You are my heart...

You are...
The voice that fills my ears with melody,
The kiss that throbs my entire body,
The glance that caresses me without reserve,
You are my love...

You are...
The veil that keeps me so warm,
The angel who sates me with endless charm,
The entity to which I surrender all control,
You are my soul...

You are...
The reason for my creation,
My journey and my destination,
The one I so wish to be my wife,
You are my life.

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