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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

October 14th, 1948 - August 16th, 1997


Here are some Lyrics sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai
Saqi Ki Har Nigah Pay Bal Kha K P Gaya
Lehroon Say Khailta Hoa Lehra K P Gaya
Dancing to every look of the wine-giver, I drank
Playing with the waves, I dran

Ey Rehmat-E-Tamaam Meri Har Khata Muaf
Mein Intiha-E-Shouq (Mein) Say Ghabra K P Gaya

O Lord, forgive my sins
That I was afraid, but still with great pleasure, I drank

Peta Baghair Izm Yeh Kab Thi Meri Majaal
Dar Pardah Chashm-E-Yaar Ki Shay Pa K P Gaya
That I would drink without prerogative, when did I have such courage?
With the acquiescence of my lover�s veiled eyes, I drank


Allah Huu
Malik-Ul-Mulk, Lashareeka Lahoo
Ruler of the world, soul of my blood

Wahadahoo Laa Ilaahaa Illaahoo
The promised one, there is nothing but you

Shams Tabraiz Gar Khuda Talabee
Every great scholar is your student

Khushboo Khuwan La Illaha Illahoo
In every scent, there is nothing but you

Qounain Ka Masjood Hai Maa'bood Hai Tu
Creator of and worshipped by both worlds

Her Shay Teri Shahid Hai K Mashhood Hai Tu
Every thing is witness to your manifestation

Her Aik K Lab Per Hai Teri Hamd-O-Sana
On everyone�s lips is your prayer

Her Sooz Mein Her Saaz Mein Moujood Hai Tu
In every chord, every song is your presence

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